Hi there! I'm Heidi. Front End Web Developer

I code websites, maintain data, implement products, understand the customer, and support users.


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Origamils 3d origami site

Origamils Website

HTML/CSS/PHP/Photoshop Design Comp

This website is an exercise in clean design. I used my own craft creations as the subject matter. I believe websites should only have what they need and nothing more. Help your users understand quickly what you are about!

unplugged retreat site

Unplugged Website

HTML & CSS from Design Comp

This project was handed off to me as a Photoshop design comp and I built a fully responsive site. The site features an interactive Google Map. This website focuses on no-tech retreats for techs.

guess the word javascript game

Guess The Word

JavaScript & dom manipulation

This is an interactive game written with JavaScript. I used array iteration to compare the array of the answer with the array of the guesses. This was built with Vanilla JavaScript, no libraries.

React Sticky Notes App

Super Sticky Notes

React App

This app was built with React. I used Create React App to install locally as a dev environment and to do the production build. The app utilizes local storage to save the notes even when the browser has been closed.



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Heidi Fryzell

Heidi Fryzell

Front End Web Developer

I have worked extensively in technology management and have overseen many web projects. I am now pursuing my passion to work at the code level.

SKILLS: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, Bootstrap, Git, React and Responsive Design.

I can't wait to work with you!